It's nice to meet you! My name is Rohit.

I am studying Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

My interests lie within distributed systems, parallel computing, and data infrastructure.

Feel free to reach out at


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bachelors in Science - Expected May 2025

Computer Science

Relevant Coursework:

  • Discrete Structures (CS 173)
  • Software Design Lab (CS 222)
  • Data Structures (CS 225)
  • Computer Architecture (CS 233)
  • System Programming (CS 341)
  • Probability & Statistics for CS (CS 361)
  • Intro to Algorithms & Models of Computation (CS 374)
  • Programming Languages and Compilers (CS 421*)
  • Fundamental Mathematics (MATH 347)
  • Abstract Linear Algebra (MATH 416)
  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision (CS 444)
  • Artifical Intelligence (CS 440)
  • Applied Parallel Programming (CS 483)
  • Introduction to Data Mining (CS 412)
  • Database Systems (CS 411)
  • Interactive Computer Graphics (CS 418*)


Style Share

TensorFlow, GCP, Cloud Firestore, Python, React, Redux

Developed a website where users can create 3D scenes and stylize them according to another image using a machine learning model. Users can then share their creations via a custom API and image sharing platforms created with Python and Google Cloud Storage Buckets and Firebase Firestore

Check it out here!

Infected and Detected

Tensorflow, Flask, MongoDB, OpenCV

Created an app to help farmers identify and mitigate crop disease and spread with disease classifcation using a machine learning model. Data from a camera and model is cleaned and stored in a MongoDB database, where information regarding crop health over time is served to a webapp using a custom Flask API.

HackIllinois 2022 Winner

Check out the code here.


C++, Catch2, LLVM

Designed an esoteric language defined by a small set of symbols. Created a just in time compiler using the LLVM Framework for program execution, along with a standard program interpreter written in C++. Implemented CLI interface to allow users to either input instructions directly, or choose a file to execute.

Reaction Trainer

Rust, Quicksilver

A quick class project to create an Aim Trainer using Rust and the Quicksilver graphics framework. Using Quicksilver and keyboard inputs, a user can test their reaction time, or test their aim in a series of minigames. User's can compete to beat their highscore and ultimately improve their aim or reaction time.

Check out the repo here!


Spotify API, MongoDB, Docker, Flask, Javascript

Group Bops is an application to help create shared Spotify Playlists among friends. Given a few seed songs, the Spotify API is accessed to generate recommendations for songs that a majority of the group would enjoy. Users then select songs from the recommendations after hearing a snippet of the song, and from there, a shared group playlist is created.

Check out the repo here!


TensorFlow, PoseNet, Docker, Python

PoseRight is an application developed at a hackathon to improve posture using a computer. Using a camera, machine learning PoseNet model, and Google Coral board, we are able to analyze the posture of an individual through their webcam, blurring their screen should their posture be unsatisfactory.

2nd Place at HackPHS 2019.

Check out the repo!